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CHARVAT CTS a.s. 5s a Chech company that manufactures hooklift systems and containers. Hooklift loading capacity range is 2.5 tons to 26 tons and for trailers the loading capacity ranges from 2 tons to 20 tons. The containers are produced according to customer recuirements (lenght, width, height, removable walls, rear hatch).

In addition to containers the hooklift system can be used for many different devices (aerial platform, tanks, salt/sand spreader, garbage container, vehicle recovery and etc).

CHARVAT CTS a.s. products are very competitive because they are producing their own hydraulic parts. Thanks to this they have excellent knowledge in their products and can complete the products with top quality.

All products are in accordance with the standards and regulations in European Union.

CHARVAT CTS a.s. full product list is aviable here.