GAZ 33081 Sadko

GAZ Sadko is 4×4 truck with a gross vehicle weight of 6,5 tons. This truck went into production in 1996 as an updated version of GAZ 66 and has been successfully sold since day one. With very good durability and its off-road capabilities this truck can drive on very rough surfaces and it is comfortable enough to drive on city streets as well. This Sadko truck has a tire pressure checking system as standard and can be easily fitted with winch. This truck is built with many different engine models and we are selling it with one of the most reliable engines on the market – 3.8 l Cummins.

This truck is a perfect workhorse. It can be fitted with various special machinery: drilling rigs, aerial platforms, hydraulic cranes, tippers, fire fighting and etc.

Model GAZ-33081 „Sadko“ GAZ-33081 „Jeger“
Description     2-seater, cabin+chassis           5-seater, cabin+chassis
Drive type 4×4
Loading capacity, kg 3000 2800
GVW, kg 6540
Gearbox mechanical, 5-speede, fully syncronized
Transfer case mechanical, 2-speed, on/off front axle
Engine Diesel, Cummins ISF Euro5 or  Diesel, MMZ D245.7E2 Euro3
Cummins ISF Euro5 MMZ D245.7E2 Euro3
capacity, l 3,8 4,8
power, kW 115 86