GAZelle Next van

Gorki automotive industries newest edition in van market is now for sale. The all-new GAZelle Next van with a gross vehicle weigt of 3.5 tons is perfect for different operations in city and also in countryside – offroads.

The vehicle has four versions: longer and shorter 3 seater and longer and shorter 7 seater.

The new GAZelle Next van has been modernized a lot. The vehicle has totally brand new interior with ergonimical seat and comfortable arm rest, water bottle and cup holders, cruise control, new transmission and new suspension. Engine is very reliable Cummins 2,8l diesel engine which produces 88.3 kW. Max torque is 270 Nm and fuel tank is 80 l. Gearbox is 5 speed fully synchronized manual. Under the rear seats there is room for tools and other equipment. It is possible to fold down the rear seats – making it as a bed. Loading space is respectively from 7-13,5 cubic meters. The whole bodywork is galvanized with rust preventing zinc coat.gazelle-next-kaubiku-uuendused-van-new-parts-