KAMAZ-43502Kamaz pilt

KAMAZ 43502-D5 is the commercal truck of the worlds most well known Paris-Dakar rally truck – Master-Kamaz. It has been in the competition for 10 years and won most of them. With the gross weight of 12,5 tonns and its all wheel drive this truck is used in many countries as a military service vehicle. This truck is perfect for adding special devices on it and even when fully loaded it has no lomits when it comes to driving off road. Tire pressure adjusting system is standard for this truck. The truck is powered by Cummins Euro 5 285 hp diesel engine and the 9-speed gearbox is made by ZF.

General description 3-seater, chassis with cabin and sleeping bed
Drive type 4×4
Load capacity, kg 4 200
Gross weight, kg 12 700
Gearbox ZF – mechanical, 9-speed
Engine: diesel, Cummins ISL Euro5
– capacity, l 6,7
– power, kW 210

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